Threat Assessments

Is the person of concern a real threat?


Are they dangerous, or just threatening?


Are they violent or just intimidating? ​

Are they suicidal or desperate? ​

Will they actually harm someone or damage property of the organization? ​

Will they seek out a specific supervisor or co-worker and harm them?​​​​​​

All of these questions, while certainly genuine concerns, should be carefully evaluated before specific action is taken for one key reason if for no other . . .​


The proper description through a complete assessment will often justify appropriate proceedings against an individual that may require something as serious as removal from the area, a forced leave of absence, and/or termination. Without this advice from a recognized expert you are accepting full responsibility for your decisions.

Additionally, OSHA requires you to have a threat management policy for your organization that clearly establishes procedures to handle these situations. Do you have specific personnel assigned to respond and/or make a determination of dangerousness as per this policy? Without these components you may be held culpable for your action unless you have consulted with a recognized expert in this field.

And perhaps even more important, will the expert you consult be willing to render an opinion of dangerousness and be willing to put it in writing? Will this expert tell you the possibility of violence by the subject? And will this expert be willing to outline specific recommendations and suggestions for how to handle the individual of concern as well as the entire situation to include addressing employee anxiety?

The Workthreat Group can do all this with court-accepted experts.