Environmental Design

Research has shown that criminals seek out locations that provide opportunities and less risk of being caught. Honest citizens prefer the opposite. Those whose emotions are running high can either feel a calming effect or more frustration simply by the surroundings. This has produced a whole new “science” for added management of locations. Law enforcement has coined the term “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

The Workthreat Group offers an approach to EDIT (Environmental Design Influences Threats) in order to evaluate your organization’s surroundings. These methods are generally low cost and are designed to your specific needs. They are designed to constrain criminal activity, lessen the potential for threatening behavior and at the same time, encourage positive conduct on the part of the usual employee/client/customer contact. Additionally, and we think most importantly, personnel within the organization are interviewed and included in the total assessment process.

Looking at an environment from this perspective focuses on what can go right with an environment. The proper design and effective use of your environment can manipulate human behavior, particularly crime and aggressive behavior. Additionally it encourages productivity, creativity and collaborative efforts from all.

Some of the EDIT techniques include evaluating lighting, both inside and outside; assessing restrooms, hallways and empty offices for hiding places or unsafe conditions; and reviewing the access to buildings, safe rooms and other areas normally thought to be protected. The Workthreat Group may also look at how you restrict and/or direct movement of vehicles and people as well as provide natural surveillance opportunities for persons to view their surroundings. This allows for employees to become actively involved in their personal safety so they can feel in control and they can be part of the solution, not just a victim of the problem.