Our Ethics Policy

The Workthreat Group (TWG), LLC believes that it has a moral duty that includes serving the interests of its employees, consultants, vendors, its clients and even society as a whole. These duties consist of more than simply obeying the law or of conducting appropriate business practices. TWG does not do business with companies, governments or organizations – we do business with individuals and as such understand they will not accept or tolerate unethical treatment.

ethics policy

One of the primary influencers early in our President’s career was the oath of office when he was commissioned as a Special Agent in the United States Secret Service in 1970. Among the several lines written in all agents commission books reflecting this oath are the words, “…worthy of trust and confidence.” It is that principal which has become the leading ethical goal of TWG.

All work, assessments, referrals and recommendations from TWG must meet the maximum expectation of trust and confidence. This can only be achieved through our reputation and track record of integrity. Therefore, our reputation is an asset as vital as the expertise we bring to the marketplace.

Employees and consultants of TWG make decisions daily – not only concerning how to use company assets but issues which can literally affect the livelihood and future of others. Determining if a person is at risk of becoming a potentially violent individual is a serious and deliberate determination. Inaccurate assessments, false positives and purely subjective judgments are not only risky but morally unacceptable. It will be the ethical responsibility of TWG to assure accountability and trustworthiness involving all risk assessments and evaluations.

Finally, all other tasks, undertakings and jobs performed by all members associated with TWG, from training, surveys and performing due diligence, shall be provided with the highest level of competency and expertise. Monitored by top management, with routine inspections for compliance and improvement, all tasks shall be performed at the highest level of quality and positive principles. To that end we encourage all to question TWG principles and performance, even if only an anecdotal report, with the promise that any unacceptable behavior, conflict of interest, security or other ethical concerns shall be dealt with swift and proper consequences.My awesome stub content goes here​