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Why Use The Workthreat Group

Times have changed. We see more incivility and harassment and even violence in our nation and our organizations than ever before. We see people taking more lives than a lot of natural disasters. We fear there is nothing we can do to prepare or prevent such events – they have the control…they have the power. TWG addresses the problem of feeling as if you have no controls, to take back the power, and successfully recognize the crises in your workplace before they occur…and stop it! TWG identifies, handles and stops crisis management obstacles before they become a volatile catastrophe in any professional environment – in under a day. TWG teaches you how to prevent such occurrences in your organization, to modify the culture where these issues can fester, and produce an environment that breeds content, fosters safety, promotes camaraderie, increases productivity, cultivates usefulness and encourages success – in under 100 days.

Online & Offline Training Course Management

The Workthreat Group has brought together over 100 years of experience to bring you the most successful programs available.