The Workthreat Group, LLC

We only work with organizations and individuals open-minded enough to eliminate the fear and doubt of preventing and dealing with violence in their environment to ensure safety in their workplace.

We develop workplace violence prevention programs that identify problems before they become volatile, active shooter prevention programs that remove the worry of it happening to you, and produce safe work environments that promote wellness and stability. Read More About Developing A Workplace Violence Prevention Program


FREE 20 – 40 minute webinars bi-monthly along  with case reviews from our files and in-depth webinars using subject matter experts.​

Get 2017 training covered with our online webinars covering all your workplace violence prevention needs and issues.

We know that there are many different problems faced by many different types of businesses. The Workthreat Group has worked with every type of business from hospitals and schools to Fortune 500 companies. Together we can find a solution to fit for your needs.

human resources

Human Resources

Learn how to effectively develop the right programs to make your human resources department ready to handle any workplace problems.​


When an incident occurs in the workplace security are usually the first people who address and neutralize the situation. It is important to be properly trained in dealing with all types of workplace threats.


Healthcare Institute of Violence Prevention

The healthcare field is one of the most affected industries of workplace violence. The Workthreat Group works with healthcare groups and hospitals to ensure employees and patients are protected by a easy to follow violence prevention plan

Seminars, on-site training or live online training available. We create specialized training for your individual needs.

Today our learning institutions have high concerns for safety. With active shooters, bullying and campus violence increasing we have dedicated our programs to identify and address these issues allowing us to lower these incidents and behaviors.