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We work with people who are mindful enough to create a workplace that promotes safety to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Together we strive to eliminate fears of workplace violence and foster a workplace environment that values civility and understanding. The Workthreat Group develops plans and team that focus on mindful behavior to better understand the workplace environment and its employees. While random acts of violence do occur The Workthreat Group addresses issues like harassment, bullying and mental health, within the workplace that help people identify and prevent situations from arising to a volatile level. We solve these problems by:


Here you will find answers to many of the common questions we often receive concerning bullying, harassment and threats. We also deal with the more immediate issues of determining the potential of violence of an individual. Whether the questions are about incidents at governmental institutions, cities or counties, school districts, Fortune 500 companies, small organizations or healthcare providers, many questions and answers are the same

Legal Corner

Regulatory agencies, court rulings and case law interpret and expound upon the current rules we should follow to identify and handle the workplace violence issues of bullying, intimidation , harassment and threats. This section reviews and discusses some of the latest information on these topics to help you mitigate your liability


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