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We work with people who are mindful enough to create a workplace that promotes safety to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Together we strive to eliminate fears of workplace violence and foster a workplace environment that values civility and understanding. The Workthreat Group develops plans and team that focus on mindful behavior to better understand the workplace environment and its employees. While random acts of violence do occur The Workthreat Group addresses issues like harassment, bullying and mental health, within the workplace that help people identify and prevent situations from arising to a volatile level. We solve these problems by:


Incivility – Bullying – Harassment – Intimidation – Insider Threats By identifying, curbing and dealing with discontented/dissatisfied individuals

Direct Threats

Domestic (Intimate partner) Violence By de-escalating and stopping hostile/angry individuals

Workplace Violence

Active Shooter – Domestic Terrorism By recognizing, handling and preventing violence against others

Strange Behaviors

 Depression/Suicidal – Tense Work Environments We conduct Threat Assessments and Fitness-for-Duty evaluations

Policies – Procedures

We develop these to address all the above while following legal/compliance guidelines

Training Programs

Available online and in person, in team, group or individual settings.

Online & Offline Training Course Management

The Workthreat Group has brought together over 100 years of experience to bring you the most successful programs available.

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