Our background

The Workthreat Group was established in 1988 to help businesses, governmental organizations, medical health facilities, Universities, schools and other groups identify, handle and prevent all methods of violence in the workplace​.

Our business is to assist in the evaluation and elimination of threats and all potentials of violence to organizations and their personnel – at all levels.Our goal is to design, implement and provide the right tools to address specific, immediate, and long-term needs for both the safety and security of all involved within the work environment, while contributing to the overall company earnings through increased productivity and feelings of valuableness.
As former Secret Service Agents we understand and offer real:

  • Preparation, response and successful weaponless training to an “Active Shooter” scenario in your specific environment
  • Training to Identify, approach and handle the potentially volatile/suicidal employee or visitor in your specific environment – without the need for weapons
  • Dealing with rudeness, bullying and/or harassment in the workplace
  • Addressing and managing depression and domestic/intimate partner concerns
  • Determining the appropriate amount of safety and security for facilities and sites
  • Reviewing and verifying if an employee can return to the workplace safely.
  • Developing policies, procedures and training programs to mitigate liability in these areas and to meet regulatory guidelines
  • Creating methods to encourage program acceptance by all and promote cultural change as required to advance successful modifications in the organization

And finally, since September 11, 2001, The Workthreat Group has also found itself assisting its clients with acquiring the latest information on terrorism, terrorism activity and how it affects business and the business traveler both locally as well as internationally. Because of long-time contacts in the intelligence community, adding this additional service became a natural.