Company Background

The Workthreat Group was established in 1988 to help businesses, governmental organizations, schools and other groups identify, handle and prevent all methods of violence in the workplace and all related safety issues.

Our business is to assist in the evaluation and elimination of threats to company and employee, natural and manmade.

Our goal is to design, implement and provide the right tools to address specific immediate and long-term needs for both the safety and security of all involved within the work environment, while contributing to the overall company earnings.

The Workthreat Group began as a service designed to assist in high profile criminal matters. We specialized in immediate response to assess the potential of dangerousness of an individual. As we still do today, we were often called upon to profile individuals and/or their acts to determine the likelihood of continual threatening behavior and to make specific recommendations on how to approach and handle the subject(s).

While this was mostly for law enforcement and other governmental agencies, Fortune 500 companies began to utilize our services. Their needs gradually grew into requirements to deal with additional related subjects, such as handling natural disasters and cultural diversity concerns. This soon led to designing and implementing policies, procedures and training to address inappropriate and disruptive behaviors (sexual harassment, domestic violence, workplace violence, etc) as well as designing and implementing total safety and security packages to prepare for disasters as well as to deter internal theft and protect proprietary data.

Since September 11, 2001, The Workthreat Group has also found itself assisting its clients with acquiring the latest information on terrorism, terrorism activity and how it affects business and the business traveler both locally as well as internationally. Because of long-time contacts in the intelligence community, adding this additional service became a natural.