The Workthreat Group, LLC

Michael H. Corcoran Ph.D.

Doctor of Behavioral Science

Dr. Michael H. Corcoran was in the law enforcement field for over 34 years beginning in 1968 and the threat assessment field since 1970 when he entered the United States Secret Service. Completing his doctorate in 1979 in Behavioral Science, and utilizing his law enforcement experience, he specializes in identifying and handling potentially violent subjects. He does threat assessments, determination of true potentials of violence and criminal profiling for governmental agencies, law enforcement, Fortune 500 companies, school districts and healthcare providers around the world. Maintaining liaison with the intelligence community since 1970, Dr. Corcoran is able to obtain critical information and intelligence concerning terrorists and other “high-risk” developments as well as travel safety details for both foreign and domestic locations.
He has spoken internationally on all these topics, co-authored the text: “Violence Assessment & Intervention, The Practitioners Guide” and has been “voir dired” as an expert witness on identifying violent individuals. Lastly, Dr. Corcoran co-founded Henley-Putnam University and served as its first President from 2004-2011, the only online accredited school in the world granting Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Strategic Security & Protection Management, Intelligence Management and Terrorism/Counterterrorism Studies as well as a Doctorate in Strategic Security.

Garnett S. Williams

Security/Protection Expert

Senior Consultant

Mr. Williams brings over 20 years with the United States Secret Service where he provided personal protection and security services for Presidents and ranking dignitaries. He also served as an instructor at the Secret Service Academy, focusing on executive protection and physical security operations and was also a pioneer in the early enforcement of federal statues related to telecommunications and computer fraud. Since coming to the private sector in 1988, Mr. Williams has worked with law firms, financial institutions and major corporations, designing and implementing preventative measures to combat corporate and financial crime. His areas of specialized practice include litigation support, financial fraud investigations, due diligence, asset identification and seizure, physical security and executive protection programs, crisis management, technology infringement, intellectual property protection and counterintelligence programs.

Ryan Dunnigan, Psy.D., MA, MBA

Doctor of Forensic and Clinical Psychology

Clinincal Consultant

Dr. Ryan Dunnigan, of “Dunnigan Psychological & Threat Assessments”, a Doctor of Forensic and Clinical Psychology is one of our leading threat assessment experts and currently serves as a clinician with Marin County’s Support and Treatment After Release Program and Mental Health Court.  He conducts County Jail and clinical psychological assessments for severely mentally ill offenders, in order to determine appropriateness for the Program and the Court, and has worked as a clinician and therapist at Marin County’s Psychiatric Emergency Services, treating patients experiencing a mental health crisis, such as suicidal depression or psychotic behavior.  He also works with extreme personality disorders, substance abuse, psychopathic traits, paraphilias, and abnormal behaviors and he also specializes in acute and chronic stress reactions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in First Responders.  

Dr. Dunnigan is also a police sergeant in Marin County.  He has been acting as his police department’s Mental Health Officer for over 12 years.  As such, he conducts and oversees mental health evaluations of individuals in need or in crisis within the community.  He has been involved in more than two thousand 5150 W&I evaluations and holds.  Dr. Dunnigan is his department’s Crisis and Hostage Negotiation Team Leader.  He also has been performing Threat Assessments for the past six years.  He conducts explicit threat and violence assessments, as well as direct and indirect psychological violence risk assessments.  Dr. Dunnigan provides workplace violence education, active shooter preparation, high-risk termination guidance, workforce disruption mitigation, and critical incident debriefing.