Site Evaluations

OSHA and other regulatory agencies recommend complete evaluations of the organizations’ site(s) as the first step in determining the need for specific security and/or safety features. OSHA states,

​ “Worksite analysis involves a step-by-step common sense look at the workplace to find existing or potential hazards for workplace violence. This entails reviewing specific procedures or operations that contribute to hazards and specific locales where hazards may develop.”

OSHA therefore suggests the following:​​​​

Analyzing and tracking records of problems or incidents

Reviewing medical, safety, workers comp and insurance records
Scanning unit logs and employee and police reports of incidents
Tabulating the data to target frequency and severity of incidents


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Screening surveys

Giving employees questionnaires to get their ideas of potential problems
Pinpoint tasks that put employees at risk
Identify new or previously unnoticed risk factors and deficiencies
Assessing the effects of changes in the work processes

analyzing safety and security

Analyzing incidents, assailants, victims and the environment
Evaluating the effectiveness of existing safety and security measures

The Workthreat Group will go beyond the usual alarm company security survey. And by offering several levels of assessment, the client is afforded the opportunity to become as involved in the process as they want. We also stress the importance of getting to know your wants and needs before making any recommendations.